CaLL for a ColleCTive Video

Due to the current situation, the extension of limitations in some countries, and the possibility of having a new period of lock down, we decided to change the deadline’s date of the call for our “Spatium” project.
It’s possible to send your videos/audios until the 31st of December

FF Team

Revisiting the concept of space, from the etymology of the word:
Space: from lat. spatium, maybe der. of patēre «be open».
Considering space as a delimited room
We invite each person who wants to freely express their perspective and describe the specific states of mind connected to the past period of quarantine, which is deeply connected to bounded movement and to the privation of some basic human senses/instincts.
The main idea is to record a video, alone, in front of the camera, in a limited space (room/house/living space) through the defined space of the screen.
We address our invitation in particular to those who experienced an intense period of limitation and principally to women living troubled cohabitation. In such specific cases, if participants wish to keep their anonymity, we suggest to wear a mask or to perform giving the back to the camera.
How did you live reality during quarantine? How did you perceive the limited space around you? How did you feel during this time of separation and social distancing? Which differences did you observe using the five senses? What did you miss and which senses did you lose? Which emotions did you feel?


The artwork wants to be the second chapter of a performance ideated from the collective Femme Fraktale in Barcelona and presented during the Femme Brutal Fest in 2019. The theme of the no-profit event was “Freedom of Movement”, related to the discrimination of migrants and a critic to the european border police “Frontex”.
Currently closed borders don’t relate anymore just to valid passports and freedom of privileged people to travel freely across the world. This social condition affects everyone, limitation of freedom of movement became a worldwide issue.
Due to the crisis, Europeans developed empathy and understanding towards what it means not to be allowed to travel and move freely across countries.
People were compelled to improve communication, using new digital methods that give the possibility to share ideas and develop projects also from afar; this technology offers us the possibility to invite participants to create and send their performances, that will then be edited together. Our intention is to give a message of solidarity: no matter how limited our freedom is, we are always connected to others.

The video will be divided in 2 parts:

A choreography created by the collective Femme Fraktale. The group digitally gathered to create a vocabulary of movement and gestures, linked to personal interpretations of the following elements: the limitation of movement in the surrounding space, the exploration of the “spatium”, inside and outside our bodies, incorporating the confusion of senses caused by current forms of digital communication.

The recording of 20 seconds, through self-made video/audio material, at home, or in a limited space which is representing the period of quarantine, and the state of mind related to the emotions of that specific time (same for the Femme Fraktale group as the other people taking part).


We ask each participant to record a video that communicates your emotions and feelings through movement (gestures, dance, body language) and voice (poetry, screaming, singing, breath and thoughts vocalizations).
Video: recorded with a smartphone or other media, only horizontal format (max. 20 sec.)
Audio: recording in any language are welcome (max. 20 sec)
Text: feel free to send us a short description (max. 80 words)
Video and audio should be recorded separately. Only audio files are also welcome.

Send the files to the e-mail: fraktalspatium@gmail.comspatium femme fraktale

CaLL for ArTiSt


Femme Fraktale launches a call for artist for a next event !!!


The Soli-Fest will take place in Berlin on the 16th and 17th of November.

Motivation for the benefit festival is to support a project initiated by Femme Brutal & Femme Scandal.


Our Aim is to strengthen the feminist network by creating a space to exchange the topics of R*Evolution .


The event will feature lectures , workshops, exhibitions, solo and collective performances.

Members of the international Network of Femme collectives and other artists

are invited to join our endeavor.




Weaving visions of R*Evolution A Femme Fraktale Soli-Fest in collaboration with the international Femme Network


Femme Fraktale is an international diverse group of people dreaming a common future. We do so by understanding the past and by choosing to fully be in the present.


We would like to share the following questions; What does it mean to work away from a consolidated patriarchal colonialist system? How did/does feminism participate to evolution? How has feminist resistance impacted on many cultures and how does it reflect today?


One of our points of view related to R*Evolution: We believe that in order for humanity to evolve changes have to be made, not only in terms of equality between all people, but also reclaiming our connection to nature, extending ourselves beyond systematic barriers.


Just as our collective’s identity, fractals generate themselves without an agenda or hidden intention, they simply exist in all their beauty and complexity, facing physical obstacles, chance and inevitability. The concept of “border” does not exist in nature. Everything in the universe is constantly moving ; changing and evolving in another form. Yet in our constructed reality, oppressed minorities still have to fight for their rights to exist and move freely through the earth. We refute the concept of minority, because everyone exists with diverse shapes, colours, beliefs and fluid sexualities.


Femme movement is expanding rapidly. The common goal of these collectives is to connect, expand, subvert borders and binary identities as recursive power archetypes . We want to transform historically consolidated concepts that have driven us away from nature and caused us to forget how to truly understand each other.


How can we do this together through sharing our collective and individual knowledge?


The Motivation for the benefit festival is to support a project initiated by Femme Brutal & Femme Scandal:




The struggle for gender equality evolves only through the commitment and perseverance of world social movements and grows continuously taking on multiple forms.


The European underground scene comprises the growing presence of women’s artistic collectives contributing to anti-sexism, through the creation of festivals: interactive self-managed spaces of independent cooperation, reflection and free expression in order to support art and culture.


Although different in terms of content and aesthetics, the various festivals are influenced by each other, consolidating over the years of networking among the collectives thanks to the precious collaboration of the people who have taken part in it.


The idea of creating a similar event in Morocco, in which art and culture are the means of communication, understanding, interaction and critical consciousness, derives from the union of the independent collectives.

Femme ScandaL



If you feel a connection to the concept and want to support the cause of this Soli- Fest, please respond through your creative mediums. The program can include lectures, workshops, an exhibition, performances, concerts and live audio/visual installations.


We offer each artist: drinks, meals and our technical assistance. No travel expenses at this point, but we can host some distant travelers in our humble fraktale homes. Collaborations with men are more then welcome as long as they support our spirit, beliefs and aims.


The Deadline for application is November 1 st , 2018 . Please send submissions with your idea and your background to femmefraktale@gmail.com WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO SHARING OUR COLLECTIVE VISION WITH YOU.